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Syntel NEOS


At the cutting edge of technology, the Syntel PBX under the brand name NEOS is an innovative all in one IP Ready, Digital EPABX system with GSM and PRI connectivity which can meet all your complex voice communication requirements.The core strength of the product lies in even a layman getting enabled by the system to exploit all the benefits that are unique to NEOS alone!

Syntel NEO DX 308 / 412

Syntel NEO DX 308 / 412

Small entrepreneurs & establishments require a communication system that offers all the basic functionalities of an intercom, coupled with some hi-end features of an EPABX, at a price that fits in within their tight budgets. Recognizing these specific requirements, Syntel designed a new age mini EPABX that provides all the required and essential features in-buit in the system at a price far less than any other equally competent model in the market.