Top 6 Benefits of epabx System

Top 6 Benefits of epabx System

When your office is very small you can manage with a single telephone line. But when it grows a PBX System is must. With more telephone lines, and more telephone numbers PBX System helps in managing it.

Business telephone System
  • Helps in Internal Communication

A basic PBX System can help in creating a perfect inter communication Solution for your business.With a PBX system the call would be routed internally with no need to go outside the building.

  • Easy Control of calls

Digital and IP phone systems can provide a receptionist feature that allows all the incoming calls to land on one number. Even during a outgoing call, there would be incoming call notification.

  • Automated IVR

Top benefit of using a PBX phone system is that you don’t have to employ a receptionist to answer calls. You could have probably called a company and heard the “auto attendant” instructions directing you to dial a particular number for a specific service – that was a PBX system.

  • Call Monitoring

PBX phone systems saves logs of all incoming , Missed and outgoing calls. Being able to see how many incoming calls your business received is a feature that most digital and IP PBX System posses. These can be viewed through system IP address or through separate softwares depending on brands.

  • Web based configuration

An IP PBX can be programmed via a web-based configuration interface or a GUI, which makes it easy to maintain your phone system. Also it helps service providers to clear errors or issue with remote support as it’s web based.

  • Increase customer support & productivity

PBX system helps in increasing customer support which in turn increases your company productivity. Latest PBX systems features also helps businesses to intergrate there softwares with PBX Systems.

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