Hotel room intercom system

Why Hotel Intercom System ?

In today’s highly competitive market, hoteliers are looking for different ways in order to stay ahead of the competition. Professional service, rich guest experience and systematic hotel activities are the keys for building reputation and creating a loyal customer base. Owners of guest-centric hotels are always looking for communication solutions that facilitate automation of regular hotel operations. They need products that enable their employees to respond to guests’ requests from anywhere in the hotel.

1.Enhance hotel brand through automated voice greets.

2.Optimize the Service Offering and Deliver Anytime Services.

3.Increase Staff Responsiveness to Customers.

Matrix Intercom system for hotel rooms

room intercom phonesWeb-based Front Desk Management

Innovative and easy-to-use front desk management is ideal for small and medium hotels where PMS is not used. Hotel Features Suite assists in completion of many functions of PMS.


On giving the Check-in command, a new guest account is created and dialling facility is enabled for the room along with other related status changes. At the same time, a unique guest number is generated. Now, when the check-out command is given, call details of the room are printed. The dialling facility is then locked along with other related status changes


This feature helps monitor the presence of guests, enabling the staff to offer prompt and quality services. For instance, when guests leave their rooms for some time, the operator can inform housekeeping to clean the room, replace consumables and more. The Guest-out command allows only internal calls. This helps in avoiding misuse of telephone from the room by service personnel.

Room Status Display

A single click from the front desk can give status of total occupied rooms, vacant but not ready rooms, vacant and ready rooms. This feature makes the entire process of room allocation convenient and less complicated for the front desk executives.

Floor Service Stations

Each floor has a different service section but there is a common access code to these service extensions. The system connects guest to service extension of their respective floors.

Integration with Security Systems

Built-in security ports allow connection of sensor and relayactivated devices such as smoke detector, glass-break detector, hooter or door lock/release devices. On activation of a sensor device, the system automatically places calls with pre-recorded voice messages to three different destinations such as police, fire or medical services.

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