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In today’s increasingly virtual world, the first interaction a customer has with your organisation is usually via the phone. Are you aware how quick your organisation is in responding to your customers? Or how knowledgeable your front-line staff are in dealing with customer queries? Or just how your customer complaints are being dealt with? The way your organisation handles telephone calls plays a major role in determining the success and future of your organisation. To understand, monitor and effectively supervise your organisation’s interactions on phone, you need to implement a voice recording solution.


Xtend Voice Logger for Analog Lines is a multi-line passive voice recording device that can be used to record telephone conversations occurring on analog trunks and extensions. The Analog Line voice logger is capable of logging call details including the Caller Id, Trunk Name, Ring Duration, Call Duration, Call Start Time & End Time, Call Type (Incoming/Outgoing), Call Status (Failed/Missed/Connected), Board Serial No. & Channel, Recording Format (Compressed/Default) and the actual recorded audio of the telephone conversation. The logger is capable of monitoring and recording trunk-side and extension-side analog lines.


Xtend Voice Logger for ISDN PRI is a USB-based cascadable, easy-to-install, multi-line voice recording solution that can be used to record telephone calls on ISDN PRI and R2 (E1/T1) lines. The built-in tap splitter eliminates the need for complex cabling and the USB powered external unit enables a quick and easy voice logger installation. All 30 telephone channels of the PRI can be recorded in stereo or mono audio formats. Xtend Voice Logger logs complete call details including caller/called id, call duration, time of call, time to pickup and the both-sides audio of the telephone conversation. Quick connection to the ISDN PRI line and EPABX along with the plug and play USB connectivity completely eliminates the requirement to open up the computer cabinet and insert PCI/PCIe Cards.

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